Pursue Your Passion For Hair Styling At Ayra College!

Do you have a knack for hairstyling? Do you often find yourself styling a loved one’s hair and sometimes, your own too?

If that’s you, you need to join one of the best hair styling courses in Mississauga at Ayra College.

Our Hair Design Program

Ayra College’s comprehensive hairstyling diploma program in Mississauga not only hones your existing skills but enables you to stay up to date on the latest trends of the hairstyling industry.

Our program consists of:

• Hands-on practical learning sessions
• Interactive online theoretical learning
• On-campus student salon
• 1500 hairstyling apprenticeship hours

Our accredited hairstyling diploma is the first step toward becoming a licenced professional.

Why Choose Ayra College For Hairstyling Training In Mississauga?

Here are a few of the many reasons to choose Ayra College as your go-to hairstyling academy:

1- Small Class Sizes

We work with a small class size to ensure every student receives the required attention to become a successful hair artist.

2- Expert Instructors

Our expert hair styling educators have excellent real-world experience. Each are fully licensed and qualified to deliver hair styling courses in Ontario.

3- Networking Opportunities

By choosing to obtain your hairstyling diploma from Ayra College, you benefit from networking with employers, community leaders and industry partners.

4- Co-operative Education

Our diploma program helps our graduates obtain employment by participating in a co-operative education program. Local salons and barber shops act as partners-in-training with our students to gain real work experience.

5- Hands-On Experience

Practical experience begins on mannequins and progresses to working on live clientele in our student salon.

6- Make Friends

At Ayra College you get to work with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds while you share knowledge with your peers and make friends for life.
Benefits Of Acquiring A Hairstyling Diploma

1-Become knowledgeable in cutting, shampooing, colouring, blow drying and additional hair treatments. With a focus on specialized services, you’ll gain the knowledge and potential to increase your income.

2- Explore the latest tips and techniques by expert hairstylists to create beautiful and healthy hair.

3- Use our diploma to start your new career. Step into the industry and become a professional licenced hairstylist in Ontario.

Enquire With Ayra College

Ayra College is a community of dedicated individuals helping our students to become skilled, confident, and successful professionals. Contact us to for more information about our hairstyling diploma program in Mississauga.



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