Enrollment Requirements at AYRA College

Enrollment Requirements at AYRA College

Through your initial research in becoming a Hair Stylist, you’ll come to know the prerequisites for admission at your local Beauty School.

The next step is visiting your local hairdressing schools in Mississauga and enrolling in one that aligns with your educational expectations. Before you can successfully join a Beauty & Wellness College, there is a certain criterion one must meet. Let’s take a look at the requirements below –

1- Age of requirement

To join a Hair Design Program in Mississauga, you must be 17 years of age or older. The great thing about enrolling at AYRA College – there is no age limit! We welcome students of any age to begin their journey as a Hair Stylist.

2- Credentials for Admissions

To obtain admission at AYRA College, an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent is required. Students applying under Mature Status may qualify for our Entrance Exam.

3- Live in the same province as your school

Although not a requirement, it is recommended to attend a local Beauty and Wellness College. Your local College administers education that is relevant to your province, territory, or state. Each of these have a different governing body which implements various regulations and guidelines. It is important to note that AYRA College offers education that is recognized worldwide.

4- Book a Career Consultation & Campus Tour

Meeting with the Admissions Team allows you the opportunity to express your career goals and envision your journey at AYRA College. Getting to know your counsellor and the school faculty while gaining in-depth knowledge of the program and the institution, can help you determine whether the program is the right fit for you.

5- Submit the application

All hairdressing schools in Mississauga require you to complete an Enrollment Application.
An application will request common personal information such as confirmation of Legal name, Government-issued ID, and Proof of Education.

Important things to know:

What is the duration of a Hair Design Program in Mississauga?

AYRA College offers a 10-month full-time program – this is the most time-efficient way to complete your course and begin your journey as a Beauty Professional. Successful completion of our Program guarantees you 1500 hours towards your Ontario Hair Styling Apprenticeship.

What is included in the hair design program?

Our Hair Design Programs covers in-depth training in –

  • Cutting & Chemical Services, Wet & Dry styling
  • Essential tools & Sanitization
  • Business Sense & Building a Clientele
  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Safe chemical usage

In Summary

By meeting the general enrollment requirements listed above, you can successfully begin your Hairstyling journey at AYRA College. Learn from industry professionals at a College whose focus is Education and Student Success!



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