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Hairstyling has become a daily necessity and is highly sought-after profession as our hair is often one of the first signs to tell the world who we. Without relevant expertise, it may be difficult to achieve the look we desire for our most special days. Behold the Hairstylist! Think about it…hairstylists are the first people we see when we want to freshen up our look when interviewing for a new job, or when we attend a special event and wanting to look our best. That is why hairstylists remain in high demand.

Through the hair styling courses in Ontario offered at Ayra College you’ll be able to get 360-degree knowledge on hair styling.

Our exclusive hair styling program aims at developing highly skilled and knowledgeable hairstylists who can showcase their expertise with confidence across the globe.

Our expert instructors assist you in learning hairstyling principles and skills, thereby paving the way towards becoming a licensed Ontario hairstylist.

Ayra College believes in creating empowered professionals who are capable of transforming the hairstyling industry.

The focus of our hairstyling diploma program in Ontario is to enhance your hands-on practical learning. With over 1500 hours that can contribute to your hairstyling apprenticeship, we ensure our students acquire the practical skills to kickstart the competitive hair specialist journey waiting ahead.

What makes Ayra College the best school for the hairstyling program in Ontario?

With our Hairstyling Program in Ontario, you gain a 2-year membership to our web-based learning platform. This platform provides you with relevant updates and bonus content so you can hone your skills for an extra year post your graduation.

Other highlights of our Hair Styling Diploma Program in Ontario include the following:

1- Obtain core knowledge of hair design through hands-on learning in a state-of-the-art student salon.

2- Gain access to the industry’s experts and learn technical skills and modern styling trends.

3-Learn from educators who inspire their students to become the best in the field and explore creative ideas, techniques and how to become a highly sought-after hairstylist in the industry.

An overview of the curriculum covered in our Hair Design Program in Ontario:

1- Master Stylist 

Gain in-depth knowledge of advanced sculptures and cutting forms. Identify the various trends for colouring techniques and formulations.

2- Colour Technician 

Obtain an in-depth understanding of colour theory. Gain knowledge of how to use relevant tools and your skills. Learn how to lighten, tone, hair paint and create relevant colour formulations through our custom Hair Styling Course in Ontario.

3- Texture Designer 

Become an expert in analysing and applying techniques. Understand the basics of curl diffusion, chemical/thermal damage repair and treatment, and more.

4- Clinical Salon

With hands-on salon practical services, you can obtain knowledge of how to interact with guests and make the most out of your retail sales.

5- Co-Operative Education 

Our hairstyling diploma program in Ontario helps you connect with industry experts, encouraging the interview process to be easy and streamlined to land your dream job.

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