All hairstyling services are performed by trained and qualified students under the supervision of a licenced hairstyling educator.

Hair Service Menu

Cut Services
Wash, Cut & Style $18+
Style Services
Wash & Style $15+
Updo $40+
Colour Services
Single Colour $40+
Partial Highlights $60+
Full Highlights $85+
Babylights/Ombre/Balayage $95+
Texture Services
Perm $45+
Relaxer $60+
Single Conditioning Treatment $12+
Single Bonding Treatment $20+
Single Additional Colour $15+
Notes: Pricing may be subject to change based on hair length, hair density and additional required product. A complimentary in-person consultation is required for all chemical services as existing colour or chemical texture history, hair condition, and desired results need to be assessed before accurate pricing can be quoted.

Your hair needs expert care to look and feel gorgeous; visit us today!

Do you ever look at your hair and realize it has lost its lustre and shine?

Do you wish your hair was as flowy and manageable as the celebrities?

Look no further than Ayra College.

We offer a complete Hairstyling Course for future style gurus.

Our highly trained students – who have undergone an intense hairstyling training course in Ontario, have got your back! Our diverse haircare menu is here to meet and treat all your hair needs.

All the hairstyling services listed on our website are performed by our skilful students who have undergone hours, weeks, and months of Hairstyling training in Ontario. From cutting services to styling, texture service, colouring and other hair treatments, our supervised trainees can do it all.

The barber training course in Mississauga we offer enables our student-stylists qualified individuals to carry all the hairstyling services with confidence!

Come visit us today and get your hair treated by our skilled barbers, who have received training from our barber training course in Mississauga.



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