How To Choose Between Attending a University or Career College

How To Choose Between Attending a University or Career College

Are you trying to decide whether to go to a career college or public college/university? Have you ever questioned what sets them apart from one another and which is better?  If that’s you, there is a more important question to consider:  What is your long-term professional goal?

To help you narrow things down, consider if you have a specific profession in mind and, if so, whether this profession needs a university degree or a college diploma?

If it’s still unclear, let’s compare:

An education at a public college offers you a diploma for a 2–4-year program and a degree when you complete a 3–4-year program at a public university.  Each institution focuses on theory, research, critical thinking, and analysis, they include large classes in lecture halls and have higher tuition costs compared to a career college; however, a graduate with a degree will have access to potential higher-level jobs when entering the workforce.

An education at a career college is designed with practical, hands-on training in a specialized subject while foregoing all unessential theoretical classes and obtaining a diploma in less than 1 year, they offer smaller class sizes resulting in greater teacher-student interaction and have more affordable tuition; additionally, a graduate with a diploma will be able to find entry-level positions in their chosen field when entering the workforce.

Although both career colleges and public post-secondary school programs provide quality education, opportunities and credentials that prepare you for a career in today’s job-market, there are a few more factors to consider and ensure you are making the right decision:

  • Do you have the time and/or financial resources to attend a two, three or four-year program?
  • Is the education and service in high-demand and does it meet the needs of your community?
  • Is the program specifically designed with your career goals in mind?

At Ayra College we know it is essential to quickly and effectively gain the knowledge and skills that are highly required in today’s rapidly changing market.  The beauty, health and wellness business has evolved over the years and is the now the fastest growing industry today; specialty services in health and self-care are in high demand and have potential to generate a successful revenue. Ayra College’s Ministry accredited Hair Design diploma program and our certificate courses are delivered by industry pros as their real-world experience allows for relevant hands-on education that encourages and unlocks your highest potential to enhance your professional development to start your career today.

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