Why Attend the Hair Design Diploma Program at AYRA College?

Why Attend the Hair Design Diploma Program at AYRA College?

Do you dream of establishing yourself as a successful Hairstylist? If so, take a look at the advantages of attending professional hair styling courses from a reputable college like AYRA College. 

1 – Learn Trending Hairstyling Techniques

Become knowledgeable in a variety of trending topics such as Hair Types and Textures, Colour Theory, Abstract Hair Design, Building a Business, and Branding.

2 – Build A Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of your work that represents who you are as a Hairstylist. Most often, professional portfolios are showcased on social media platforms to engage your audience, attract clientele, and display your talent to potential employers.

3 – Learn From Qualified Instructors

Our professional hair styling course is delivered by licensed educators who are passionate about their trade and want to help you succeed. Under the supervision and guidance of our qualified educators, you will have access to client-models in our in-house salon which is key to honing your skills.

4 – Get Hands-On Training

With professional hair styling courses, a portion of your training includes performing hair services on clients in our state-of-the-art student salon. Our 2-week co-op program enables you to experience life as a hairstylist, where you will assist at a salon of your choice and network with other stylists and potential employers.

5 – Master Hairstyling Techniques 

Hairstyling is all about using your creativity to bring ideas to life – each of your clients is your canvas. One of the easiest ways to become successful at your craft is to practice and challenge yourself. At AYRA College, we encourage you to put your best foot forward, ask questions, and take risks. Our highly skilled team is available to support and guide students through theoretical learning with easy-to-follow lessons and through guidance in the student salon.

Education with You in Mind

Remember that your education is an investment in yourself and one that will be with you always. Our Hair Design Diploma Program is designed with YOU in mind, providing you with leading-edge quality education, real hands-on practical experience, local network connections and employment opportunities.

Learn more about our Hair Design Program in Mississauga, book a career consultation and discover what the future has in store for you.



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